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$15.00 to $16.32 /hour
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  • Youth Mentor - Awake Night Staff


This note, this site has an all male juvenile population.



The primary responsibilities of a Night Coach Counselor are to provide safety and around-the-clock supervision of at-risk youth. This position provides for the physical, personal and health needs of each student through individual counseling and behavioral/social/physical and educational skill development; provides an atmosphere that is supportive of the needs of the students; monitors and documents student behaviors and activities; participates and assists with educational, social, athletic and recreational activities; works in collaboration with other professional staff to establish and/or meet the goals of each student’s treatment plan. The Night Coach Counselor position is distinguished from Coach Counselor in that in this role a Night Coach Counselor is responsible for the nightly supervision, safety and security of students and considered an entry level position. Typically reports to a Group Leader but may vary by individual location.


  1. Adheres to the facility and daily schedule, ensures that the facility (unit, cottage, house, room, dorm, etc.) is on time for all elements and the students participate in all of the scheduled activities.

  2. Ensures that program rules, norms, policies etc. are enforced and the nightly operation of the program is operated within all program requirements and regulatory guidelines.

  3. Conducts physical count of students within the assigned living area and records the count on the student check sheet as required by site operations (every 5, 10, 15, etc. minutes).

  4. Ensures all doors are locked and secure throughout the night; including at some sites, student’s personal rooms.

  5. Documents pertinent information re: student behavior, sleep patterns, occurrences of nightmares, etc.

  6. Notifies the unit staff of any unusual incidents or emergency situations.

  7. Follows suicide prevention monitoring as directed.

  8. Ensures there is adequate Group Living staff coverage before leaving shift.

  9. Washes, sorts and folds the student’s laundry as needed. (Site specific).

10.Completes daily assignments as specified by supervisor, Group Leader and/or higher authority. Promotes a sense of community by teaching and modeling cooperation, respect, and responsibility in the group living environment; encouraging participants to interact with one another and creating opportunities for them to do so.

  1. Observes behavior patterns of students in order to detect signs of depression, anger, and/or other emotional and situational problems/issues and initiates proper program behavior management and intervention techniques.

  2. Encourages and supports the students’ academic, vocation, athletic and treatment participation.

  3. Facilitates problem solving through active listening, guidance, and conflict mediation with staff and students.

  4. Personally provides and ensures consistent interactive supervision of the students (know where they are and what they are doing at all times). A Night Coach Counselor has primary responsibility for night time operations and supervision of students and must be capable of providing the same supervision in the following environments as needed:

a. Living environment,

b. Positive Skill Development Groups,

c. School environment,

d. Community service,

e. Sporting programs,

f. Extra-curricular activities,

g. Student work programs,

h. Student internships.

  1. Maintains thorough and accurate records, files, correspondence and statistics; completes necessary documentation (both hand-written and computer-based data entry) in a timely, accurate, complete and legible manner. May include, but not limited to: notations in the shelter log, bed roster, incident reports, late arrivals, sign-in sheets, showers and laundry schedules, bed check logs and any other forms used or as directed by the supervisor and site requirements.

  2. Resolves problems and mediates conflicts involving students encountered during assigned shift operations, determines appropriate solutions and/or seeks out assistance from other staff and higher authority.

  3. Communicates and applies policies, licensing requirements, and program elements to students. Reports problem areas, disciplinary action, behavior problems, safety violations etc. to supervisor, Senior Coach Counselor, Group Leader or higher authority.

  4. Observes and appropriately responds personally to incidents such as assaults on staff and/or students, run-away attempts, program disturbances, emergencies or other situations threatening the safety, health and/or welfare of the facility, community, students and/or operations.

  5. Performs proper safe physical management techniques when situations require and completes reporting procedures and documentation.

  6. Provides conflict de-escalation and mediation involving students, as needed.

  7. Ensures facility (unit, cottage, house, room, etc.) maintenance, safety and cleanliness meet health, and safety codes.

  8. Ensures compliance with standards and security safeguards such as room checks; suicide watch protocols, Prison Rape Elimination Act Policies and Procedures, removal of dangerous items and student count responsibilities.

  9. Acts as a positive role model: guiding students and facilitating appropriate behavior about daily living skills, self-care, personal interaction, social relationships and constructive time management.


  1. High school diploma or equivalent.

  2. Must be 21 years of age

  3. Must meet all state licensing requirement as required by specific site

  4. If required to operate a company vehicle during the course of employment, must meet the requirements to be an eligible ROP driver. Must possess a current State Driver’s License and have an acceptable driving record for the past three (3) years.

  5. Ability to pass a criminal background clearance check, drug screen, physical and TB test.

  6. Ability to utilize resources available to complete assigned projects.

  7. Ability to work during night time hours.

  8. Ability to prepare written reports and correspondence.

  9. Ability to understand and follow verbal and written instructions.

  10. Ability to effectively communicate, verbally and in writing.

  11. Able to work 40 hours per week with the possibility of a varied schedule.


Rite of Passage is a leading national provider of programs and opportunities for troubled and at-risk youth from social services, welfare agencies and juvenile courts. For 35 years, we have developed and operated a continuum of programs based on the needs of youth and our placing agencies. With an emphasis on evidence-based practices and positive skill development, combined with our supportive and therapeutic approach, our organization is respected by industry experts as a highly effective solution for our youth. Since 1984, over 25,000 youths have entered and completed our programs. Rite of Passage has built its reputation on running life-changing educational treatment programs that positively contribute to the community. Our employees are dedicated, passionate individuals that are committed to inspiring positive change in the lives of youth. Becoming a member of the Rite of Passage team is more than just a job, it’s an opportunity to create a meaningful career with a company driven by its powerful mission to make a difference.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $15.00 to $16.32 /hour


working with youth: 1 year (Preferred)

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  • HS Diploma Required